Friday, May 28, 2010

What in the world are you doing?

Just in case you are all wondering.. My world changed a bit this spring. I have 4 children in the evening not 2. This tends to stir up your life a bit.

My best friend is now working a swing shift at the local hospital, and there was no better choice for the girls, but to be here. Trust me, this is not a hardship. These are my girls.. my adopted daughters. The daughters of my heart, if not my body.

The girls change the dynamics of the entire household. (This is a good thing)
My boys spend like 80-90 percent of their time outside playing now, not on the computer, or on video games.

Of course, I need to get used to comments like..

"I don't mean to tattle, but...."

followed with things like..

"Ben is running on the shed roof, and it's raining outside" , or "Sam just head butted Ben for no reason that I could understand" or
"Asha just laughed at me because I kept missing baskets, and it makes me really SAD!"

These are just not comments that come out of my son's mouths. Not ever.

But I also now have built in dancing partners. Throw on the new Miley Cyrus music on the Ipod, and we have a house full of dancing bodies.. (The boys shook their heads at us girls the first day we danced, but decided soon after that this was not so odious.)
Every now and then I get to sneak in some Beatles, or Santana..

The girls, Asha, who is 10 soon 11, and Given, who is 8 soon 9, have been a part of the family all of their lives, but it has been wonderful to give them all the time together, past just the couple of hours of visitation. They are all getting the full on Brother-Sister experience... I know all about this, I have 4 brothers.. grew up with 3. I'm starting to see the torture occur.

Here they are all together..Fish kisses and all.. looking at the front row, they look as if they are all genetically related.. They act like it, believe me.

Also for those who are curious, I have my violin at the violin doctors office, and should get it back in the next week or so. I'm looking forward to starting to learn. Even with the insanity that is the Kafooster household....