Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hair cuttin time..

I'm afraid... it's time to cut hair again.. and yes, the ear cutting incident WAS the last time their hair was cut, and yes, they do look like some strange update on the Beatles invasion. I am paralyzed with the fear of ear cutting.. and of the (understandable) look of "you've got to be kidding me right?" that will come my way when I mention that we will be cutting hair tonight.

Everyone.. pray... I am in the calm before the storm. I hope I come out the other side unscathed.. and that my children still have their ears.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Project

So, this is a sock blank that I got from because I love them, and I love to dye yarn.. For those of you who love crafty, crafty stuff.. I highly recommend this process. It really allows you to play with color, and to see what the colors do on your socks..

I finished my other cable socks, and, as soon as they are out of the warsh.. I will post a picture of them. For now...

As you can see, I could not wait to get started. The red and pink are not showing up on the photos as bright as they really are. Believe you me, these are wonderfully bright, but a deep and rich color, at the same time. Brookes.. I'll have them done before I come back to work.. I'll show you then.. As a matter of fact.. I am here...

Just starting the ribbing on the leg of the sock.
And, in the time it took to take this photo, I had my ever present shadow, who loves all things fiber, as much as Tess ever did, join me.. see

Really, Ryefedd (Fedd-a-la, as she is becoming to be known..) jumped up and sat down before I could take another, better shot. Cat on the table, scandalous!

Maybe this is more like it.. Oscar really loves his buddies!
Joan.. just to answer your question, I sell the kettle dyed yarn through a local store, but if you have a burning desire for something specific e-mail me, I'll let you know all the colors I have and you can tell me what your heart desires...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekend Cat Bloggin' # 2 (for me)

This is trust.. here are two cats that know that having children around does not mean terror...

Here is a little Miss who loves clean surfaces! Pam.. there is a small sample of one of my strange collections, I love old buttons! I have several Jars like that.

Happy, warm kittens.

Newly dyed yarns..

(unfair advantage to the other pictures.. it's outside)

So, I dyed some more yarn yesterday.. too much yarn because I can barely move my shoulder today... ouch. That was a mistake, but I have pictures.
Unfortunately, the pictures do no justice to the real yarn, they are so much brighter than this. Pretty, pretty, shinny, shinny! (For those of you, not in the know... that is from the cartoon, "My Gym Partner's a Monkey"... don't ask me to explain, YouTube it....)

Really, I wish you could see these in real life, they are really vibrant. I've decided that I absolutely have to make a "Chestnut Cloud" for myself. I want the "Emerald City" and the "Tropical Seas" and the "Elizabeth's Eyes" ('s really violet!) Frankly I think that I will have to eventually have all of these in my own stash. So much for non-bloating the sock yarn!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chestnut Cloud

Okay.. I took a picture of the latest skein that I dyed before I took it to the store, and here it is..

Isn't it pretty? I call it "Chestnut Cloud" after Cloud the cat of course!

Here are a couple more pictures of the skein twisted in a different way, they all look so beautiful to me, I love them.

I took this into the shop and it didn't even get to the display. It was bought and rolled into a ball before I left, also, before I left, I had an order for another brown, 3 pinks, like my socks... seen here... I call this my "Grrls kick butt Pink". If you click on the picture, you should be able to see the cable detail..

I also was asked for a lilac and a green. I had to order more yarn so that I can actually get some yarn on the shelf. Not that I'm complaining. I finally get to play with the colors without feeling guilty that I am adding more yarn to my already bloated sock yarn stash.
I just wanted you all to see, I will continue to take pictures of what comes out of my kettle pot. Let me know what you think.
I have to go take care of an ill child now. John went to work for the 1st time this week, he has Walking Pneumonia, Sam has bronchitis, I have a sinus infection, and Ben is generally grumpy because everyone else is ill (Who can blame him?)
I think I'll throw in a movie for the boys and I and I will work on those socks. Sounds like the perfect way to spend Saturday night to me.
I also played with getting the spacing correct on this posting, and frankly I'm done, Sorry that it's all smooshed together.

Friday, March 6, 2009

She's baack...kinda'

This cannot be long, and will be somewhat anticlimactic, but this is me, typing and back. I have been working on socks, I'll get a picture later for you, because the sweater is a little too heavy still. I hope to get back to it (the sweater) soon. The house is a disaster, as I can only do so much, my mom is trying to come in and help to reorganize everything... I'll keep you updated, but my bedroom and one of the boys' bedrooms looks way better. Sam, the elder, flat refuses to have anyone clean without him, we may throw away something important, like, an old wrapper for a pack of Yu'Gi-Oh! cards. Tragedy!

I have been starting to dye yarn. Sock yarn. Something I've played with for a while, the socks I'm knitting now are with my own hand dyed yarn, but yesterday I took some of my other yarn down to my LYS (local yarn store, for the non-knitters) to show off, and the owner promptly bought one for herself ( totally blindsided me) and put the others (just two right now) on commission in her shop. I feel like a deer in a headlight. She even put a tag on the yarn and made up a name... "Michelle's Kettle Dyed Yarn" Holy Crap! So, I guess I can feed my addiction for dying yarn without adding to my stash of sock yarn (it was at 50 socks to knit.. now at 47...) Although, I reserve the right to keep a skein that screams "Beauty" to me... again I'll take some pictures with the next skeins before taking them to the shop (that sounds so strange!) so you can see!