Wednesday, September 14, 2011

E-mails to an Asperger's mother from the new High School teacher and the response...

Subject: sample for biome poster

Hi, Michelle,

Here is a sample for Sam’s biome poster in Bio. He can do a powerpoint instead of drawing on the poster he was given. He can just swap out the pics in this one and replace them with others he finds on-line. Would also be helpful to reword things.

You were on the phone at the PERFECT time today! Not only did he not have the algebra assignment when he came down here, but his English teacher reported he was sleeping in class. So he couldn’t take the notes which will be used for a quiz on Friday. I let Sam know about this, and he said he would take the quiz anyway. We also talked about solving the problem by asking for a copy of the notes. But again, the perception of the teacher who doesn’t know Asperger’s could be that he is capable of taking notes and has chosen to sleep without seeing it as being overwhelmed.

Wanted your thoughts on whether or not Sam shuts down by sleeping. Is he overwhelmed when we see this?

Thanks, Kristina




Sam would like to discuss options for staying focused during classes that bore him (his words not mine) he did let me know that the lecture today was on plagiarism.. and that he was awake, just had his head down .. take that with a salt lick, but anyway.. I have let him know that I expect him to be putting his very best foot forward to make his high school work a priority... and that I will yank all things computer away if he does not.. also he will not be getting a job when he is old enough if he cannot handle his school. He is just finishing work on problems on math now.. he thinks he remembers them all... and if you could just check that he has them all done 1st period tomorrow, that would great. Also.. I'm not sure I understand the biome poster assignment. He is expected to do a 64 page power point assignment? Is that what you intended to send me? I have nothing on what the biology poster is supposed to be about, and I couldn't find the assignment in any of his folders. I have separated all the folders into subjects.. Sam has them color coded.. Do you think we can encourage Sam to use the damn things (I'm reading out loud to him :) ) and place his assignments in each folder so we can find out what needs to be done, and when... I would love a planner and would pay if needed....

gasp... deep breath..

I swear by all that is right and holy and I intend to have him go forward and do this work that is required, because I know that he is capable...

gasp... another deep breath...

Also, is there a web site where the teachers place the homework on? like a site on the school website where they will list the homework for the night so I can double check it that way? Just a thought.

Thank you for listening to my rambles... by the way.. no, Sam does not deal with being overwhelmed by sleeping.. he just goes off by himself for awhile. (he was just reading over my shoulder and corrected my spelling of "awhile".. and confirmed that I was correct)

He was laying his head down because he was irritated and bored.. not due to being overwhelmed...