Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Okay

Typing with one hand doesn't work well, so Mom is typing for me...everybody say hi Mom!

The surgery went well. They removed the whole bursa, said it will regenerate itself. Also found a 1" X 1/2" piece of bone on the front of the shoulder that they did not see on the MRI or x-ray. Cool huh? Dr. was surprised and pleased, said that this will allow me to move my arm without hurting now. Just wanted to let you know, and my wit and wisdom will have to wait a while before you hear from me again unless Mom comes over and plays me. Thanks for all the well wishes, I'll keep an eye out for any comments.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Walking into it, eyes wide open -- IDIOT!

I'm going to bed any minute now, and as my whole family could attest to, I have been very anxious today. Tomorrow is the surgery on my shoulder, and the surgeon, who is amazing, by the way, explained that surgery on the shoulder is the most painful surgery you can go through.

Believe, or not, this has made me a bit jumpy. I'm understated like that.

So, being the neurotic that I am, I have been trying to figure out why I'm so freaked by this.. I've gone through this before, it cannot be worse that the break itself right?

I figured it out a little while ago. It's really simple.

The first time was an accident, I tripped. The pain was (is) nasty, all kinds of different medical personel have told me "One of the most painful breaks that you can have." Well, duh. No one to blame though, pure and well, simple.

Now though, I know what's coming. I know that this is going to be ugly. I know that there is absolutely no other way to fix my shoulder. I know that we have tried everything else, and if I don't do this I will always have pain, muscle spasms, and OH, not be able to move my arm correctly. HOWEVER, I am walking into this with my eyes wide open, so to speak, I KNOW. I KNOW!

I keep reliving what sleep was like, and not being able to wash my hair, and trying to put on a shirt (okay, I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to try to put on a t-shirt, and not move your shoulder, while you're at it, try to wash your hair with your right hand, or left if that's how you roll, hanging at your side!)

Basic human reaction... stay away from pain. Period.

Here I am, volunteering (yeah, I know, no real choice, but still!) to walk into the Hospital doors at 5:45 am tomorrow to get ready for 7:30 am surgery. This cannot be good for the psyche... it's a damn good thing I'm already completely twisted. This would drive a sane person batty.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay.. I got the camera a'workin' with the 'puter.

So Okay.. here is the sweater.. I tried to get a up close shot of the color work.. it was fuzzy.. tough luck. I think I'm afraid of getting too close to the floor, you may see the dog hair that should have been swept up. If I start saving now, I could spin myself yarn for a sweater... naw, the dog's hairs are too short, no crimp.

But you can see that I am in the home stretch here, and I am really wanting to sit down and just work on the fair isle, alas.. it is not to be. I go to a pre-lim doctor's appointment tomorrow and the wait in his office is always amazingly long... so I should have a time to gratify my need to see color on that neck line.

Sam has a math test tomorrow..

"Chapter 10 all sections" and we have been studying tonight.. see?

That's right, I can still do my algebra.. simple yes, but, problem solving with fractions.. I can even help with the story problems.. Sometimes I still feel the overwhelming satisfaction of being a Hermione Granger!

Nobody said the handwriting had to be good folks!

Now I also have discovered toys on my phone camera.. so I'm going to bore you all with the results! Frames!

John.. Rocker Extraordinaire!

Sam.. Wanted for an "A" on his math test! He said that he would settle for a "C" Whatever!

Ben.. Wanted for trying really hard not to laugh for this picture, and failing! (Great giggle fest that was!)

Chelle... Better known as Supermom! Able to wash (warsh) laundry and watch "House" in a single sitting!

And lastly, Sam caught this absolutely perfect "Queen of Kafooster" "Mom look" you can even see the tip of my finger in the corner if you look. (just like MY mom!) I really considered putting this up as my blog picture, because, frankly, I think this is the look that is on my face probably 90 % of the time! Let me know if you think I should change it!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend Cat bloggin' and Dog too.

It's cold out, but sunny, and they have fur coats..

Cloud.. lording over the deck..

Oscar the dog, and Toulouse playing together... need a video camera to let you see how funny this is...

Cloud.. the explorer.

Miss. Ryefedd (Fedd for short) enjoying the day.

Deep frustration. over pictures

I would be showing you that the sweater is now connected.. that I have the short rows done and will be starting the color work today!!! but again.. the pictures will not down load!! anywho, I have a fine feathered friend.. oh sorry, wrong person, I have a really good friend who is a computer genius that will be here later and will be helping us get this computer system picture loving again... until then, I think I hear yarn calling my name.....

chelle.... chellle... chelle... chelle, we're over here. In the kitchen, just waiting......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Catch up.

Just to let everyone know, I am having surgery on 2-16-09 on my shoulder. The cortisone was really a good thing, because I now know that eventually I will be able to move my arm perfectly. After we get the piece of bone out of the way of my sideways movement, I will be able to work myself up to full use, but not before.

In the mean time I am doing quite well on the sweater, I am almost done with the increases on the sleeves (doing them at the same time on 2 circs.. see..

Here is the body, up to the underarm, (sounds so much better then "up to the arm pitts!) hard to see the detail.

I am really looking forward to doing the color work on the sweater, I just hope that I can get it done so that I can wear it sometime this season, and not have to put it away for the summer months. I must confess that I am ready to start an Aran to steek as well... A nice cream colored sweater to wear with anything.

Now, I'm just getting greedy.

Sam's thoughts on homework.

Sam has to write sentences for his spelling words.. Sam really likes to get his point across. I am glad that Sam's English teacher has a good sense of humor--

1. I would have like to have divided my homework load.
2. If I had to eternally do homework, I would die.
3. My bouncy ball’s deflated.
4. I scarcely enjoy doing homework.
5. A silhouette is a shadow that stands still.
6. I can barely stand having this much homework.
7. I hate amusement parks.
8. I am sincere about wanting to be done with my homework.
9. My kittens are adorable.
10. Consequently, if I do not get my homework done, my mom will ground me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Still here

I swear it!

This week has been lost to hours of homework fighting.. only to realize on Thursday that Sam's face has been missing his glasses for ages. I have known that he wasn't wearing them. All of the excuses, they're too small, (true) I don't need them (So ridiculous, left eye is 1.5 right eye is 4.0) etc, etc. I finally figured it out. He is refusing to do math until he gets home because we do it on the dry wipe board together and he can see it then. If he says he can't see it at school, he has to wear his glasses again.

Color me feeling stupid.

Needless to say, we ordered new glasses Friday to fit his face-- he hates getting new glasses.

The Mom foot has gone down! Glasses are to be worn at all times, by both boys!

I pulled up symptoms of uncorrected vision on the Internet to show Sam, and it fit his issues at school to a "t". The real answer came when I made him put them on and we were done with his Math in less than 10 minutes. Oh, and his headache went away..

Imagine that!

Sam asked me in exasperation, if I get tired being right all the time, I have to say that really, I don't....