Monday, February 9, 2009

Okay.. I got the camera a'workin' with the 'puter.

So Okay.. here is the sweater.. I tried to get a up close shot of the color work.. it was fuzzy.. tough luck. I think I'm afraid of getting too close to the floor, you may see the dog hair that should have been swept up. If I start saving now, I could spin myself yarn for a sweater... naw, the dog's hairs are too short, no crimp.

But you can see that I am in the home stretch here, and I am really wanting to sit down and just work on the fair isle, alas.. it is not to be. I go to a pre-lim doctor's appointment tomorrow and the wait in his office is always amazingly long... so I should have a time to gratify my need to see color on that neck line.

Sam has a math test tomorrow..

"Chapter 10 all sections" and we have been studying tonight.. see?

That's right, I can still do my algebra.. simple yes, but, problem solving with fractions.. I can even help with the story problems.. Sometimes I still feel the overwhelming satisfaction of being a Hermione Granger!

Nobody said the handwriting had to be good folks!

Now I also have discovered toys on my phone camera.. so I'm going to bore you all with the results! Frames!

John.. Rocker Extraordinaire!

Sam.. Wanted for an "A" on his math test! He said that he would settle for a "C" Whatever!

Ben.. Wanted for trying really hard not to laugh for this picture, and failing! (Great giggle fest that was!)

Chelle... Better known as Supermom! Able to wash (warsh) laundry and watch "House" in a single sitting!

And lastly, Sam caught this absolutely perfect "Queen of Kafooster" "Mom look" you can even see the tip of my finger in the corner if you look. (just like MY mom!) I really considered putting this up as my blog picture, because, frankly, I think this is the look that is on my face probably 90 % of the time! Let me know if you think I should change it!


Pam said...

I am in awe of your sweater. I can only knit scarves (and not very well). I love the mom look (are you wearing pearls?!)

chellebelle said...

No pearls.. but the mom look really is good! Everyone starts with scarves, it's just baby steps from there! My cooking is nothing like yours..we all have our things

Joan's Good Life said...

Awww man... you're whipping that sweater out in double time! Awsome! Maybe some day I'll be able to knit like you. Right now I'm getting REALLY good at ripping stitches out and re-doing rows and rows. Blah! I think I may have lost my "mom look" My kids are all growed up and I haven't used the look in AGES!
I am just happy you have a photo up. It's always nice to "see" who it is I'm getting to know! =-)

chellebelle said...

I have ripped out rows on this sweater.. Frogging (rip-it, rip-it) goes with the knitting territory. We all frog....