Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sam's thoughts on homework.

Sam has to write sentences for his spelling words.. Sam really likes to get his point across. I am glad that Sam's English teacher has a good sense of humor--

1. I would have like to have divided my homework load.
2. If I had to eternally do homework, I would die.
3. My bouncy ball’s deflated.
4. I scarcely enjoy doing homework.
5. A silhouette is a shadow that stands still.
6. I can barely stand having this much homework.
7. I hate amusement parks.
8. I am sincere about wanting to be done with my homework.
9. My kittens are adorable.
10. Consequently, if I do not get my homework done, my mom will ground me.


Pam said...

Oh my gosh! Those are wonderful! I would love to get sentences like those.

chellebelle said...

Pam, he does this every week.. sinks his teeth into a subject and twists his spelling words around the subject... cracks me up, everytime. Not all of his teachers appreciate this, but luckily this year, his does!