Thursday, January 19, 2012


 I once had a phone.. a phone that had been good and kind since aught eight.  Then I didn't.  It just died.  Now, I get pictures for my blog on my phone.  I got a new phone.  A bat phone- complete with 1960's batman theme as a ring tone, and it's taken two weeks to get the thing to download photos.  - So you're in for a listing of finished products.  I'm not prolific, the results have been delayed (well maybe a little prolific, it's that time of year)

The Christmas Presents for the nephews, darling things and all the older boys want one too...

This next series should be it's own post, but I couldn't wait to show you anymore.  This sweater was knit for my mom when she was a freshman in High school, or so.  Around 1958 ish, the cuffs had started to fray (not bad for 53 years) and the sleeves were just a tad too short for me anyway.

So I cut off the tip of the sleeve, changed the k2p2 cuff to just knit and added a brown cuff to the end..  See the full Sweater in the next picture that I cannot seem to separate.
Then my hands were cold, mostly because my eldest always steals whatever gloves I own, then promptly destroys them.  So I made fliptop mittens to keep my hands warm, and to play keep away from Sam.   
The last thing is a new owl hat.  I needed a new hat, as my head has shrunk a bit.  Anywho, (get it? who?) I've fallen in love with this pattern and it has spawned a list of people who seem to need this hat as well.

The last picture would have been me in the hat, if the teenager home sick today (the day after his 15th birthday) could take a decent picture... so instead you get a shot of teenagery goodness.