Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday night.. let the party begin.

Tonight promises to be amazing!

Am I watching the Olympics? No.

Am I going to a great movie with the kiddos? No.

Am I going out on a hot date with my best friend and husband? No.

I get to bleach my walls tonight!

And if I'm really quick, I can clean the little trays in my windows too.

Man, I really know how to have a goooood tme.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loving the craft

When I was at my dad's and Marcie's house in January, Marcie and I talked socks. This is nothing new, Marcie and I have a similar fiber love, and we both love wool socks.. Now, I love how Marcie gets into the socks, like I do, she will feel the texture of the yarn, the feel of the stitch pattern. Marcie speaks my language. So while I was there I measured her feet and told her that I would get around to making a pair of socks, just for her feet.

I must admit though, before I started with hers, I had promised myself the working of a ball of sock yarn that had screamed my name... These, as a matter of fact.

They went so quickly! They were not meant to match.. the yarn doesn't work that way, but I understand from my Goddaughters that un-matching socks are so "in" right now.

These went so quickly that I am already starting on the heels of Marcie's socks.. see right here..

Now don't those just look amazing? I cannot wait to get started on the heels tomorrow, once those heels are done, it's a straight shot right to the top! Easy-peasy!

Hey Marcie, are you as excited as I am?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random photos from Dad's house.

When I went to my dad's house for my Grandma's funeral, my husband asked me to take some winter pictures.

My dad, Rick, and his wonderful wife, Marcie, live in Brogan, Oregon. This is a very, very small town in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, right on the foothills of the Blue Mountains. So far east, that they border Idaho. My little family and I miss being there, and I had never been there in the winter, at least not for any of my adult years.

So, John wanted pictures of the "homestead" as my dad calls it. Forgive me the quality, they were taken with the phone camera, but you'll get the idea..

This is looking off the porch in the back of the house straight at those Blue Mountain Foothills I was talking about.

This is off to the right hand side of the back end, and you can see the little couch that dad sits on in the morning (and afternoon, and evening) while he drinks his coffee.

This is looking off to the left side where you see the work sheds and the area for the garden.. and some cool stuff on the deck, like rocks and stuff that my dad always has around. I used to tell him that he decorates his house in early cave. He still does, and I love it!

And this picture is for John, this is the couch that he has adopted as his own while we visit, this is his early morning coffee perch, or an afternoon nap time lounger.

At my dad's house, time seems to stretch out before you like the desert, or like those mountains, but I never seem to have enough of it there.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarcastic Personal Trainers.

Today is the first day to try to start to regain some semblance of a maybe schedule for taking care of my diet and exercise.. I'm so committed.

The thing is that I use the Wii Fit Plus. It has a little cartoon character personal trainer, (that I do not pay for by the session!) that switches up my workouts for me, you know step aerobics..

See here I am (That's DH's Mii profile to my right, Sam's to the left.. it's random, the person to the far left has a shark's head..)

I'm the step aerobics MASTER in this house.. Although Ben is a real serious second.. he's very good at it, and he just kills me in the Rhythm Parade.

Then as a "waist" exercise I get to Hula Hoop... and it really burns by the time they let you off the hook. Really, you're standing on the little balance board, you gotta keep moving!

(Ben pointed out that his Mii is to the right here)

But look! I did just fine! (Sam always hits this one out of the park!)

I get a lot of "encouragement" in the form of ..

"All right! Mom got hit on the head with the Hula Hoop!"

Of course the real teeth gritting issue with the Wii is that when you get on the balance board, and you haven't got a perfect frame it will reflect it in your Mii character.

I ask you, is that even right? In any stretch of the imagination? And if I am looking at my calender for any length of time, my Mii character tries to look at her own butt.

Like, "Does this video game make my butt look big?"

Just don't answer that.....