Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday night.. let the party begin.

Tonight promises to be amazing!

Am I watching the Olympics? No.

Am I going to a great movie with the kiddos? No.

Am I going out on a hot date with my best friend and husband? No.

I get to bleach my walls tonight!

And if I'm really quick, I can clean the little trays in my windows too.

Man, I really know how to have a goooood tme.


Joan's Good Life said...

Ahhhh, the working womans friday night. Gotta love it! ;-)

BTW, the sock yarn I got is not the same one as the photo shows on the patton yoga sock directions. Actually it's a wool yarn that I got from the yarn store and there is no stretchiness to it at all. No stretch to the yarn but definitely stretch to the sock cuff so far. That is what amazes me! Working a non stretch yarn into a stretchy fabric! So, the sock problem I'm having is really only stupid mistakes. I can live with one little mistake but three or more... well, that I have to rip out! lol Now the hat problem is totally different. The yarn itself is hell to work with. I can't "not" use it because that is what my daughter wants. So, it's a matter or finding the right patterned hat to knit or crochet with! I found a square hole pattern hat using a #H size crochet hook, but, still having issues. ACK!

Ana said... always knew how to have a good time. Well, send the kids off to a friend's house, put your most sexy cleaning-the-walls t shirt and boxers on and invite John to help.... just watch out for the Clorox. :) Love and miss you--AnaDarling.