Thursday, March 4, 2010

Book Worms

Every now and then I get a wild hair up in a place that has no need for wild hairs, and I decide that I am going to "just make a quick..." for one person or another.. and when I was in Ben's IEP this last month, his Special Ed coordinator mentioned his bookmark.. a "bookworm" that I had made for the boys, and my god daughters a couple of years ago. Ben is starting to use his on his chapter books (We are so very proud of this! Ben has worked super hard at his reading!)

So I think.. no big deal, I can make one for her and his teacher..
Then comes the wild hair thingy.
I think, these are so fast, I could make one for everyone in Ben's class.. they are all reading chapter books now, 3rd grade is a great time for them to get their own book markers. Right?

Well, then I thought, if I have extra, I can give some to the Special Ed teacher, and she can pass some out to the little ones who have to work extra an incentive, right?

So I thought that if I make 40 that would be good.. 25 for the kids in Ben's class, Oh but I did one for his teacher, then one for Mrs. Gary (the special Ed teacher) and then two of the people I work with went gaga, and I gave one to them each... so I was up to 44 then my mom saw the little "camoworm" and took one for my dad's bookmark, so I had to do another, 45... Then Ben said he wanted a new one. 46. Then, I admit that I had to have a new one for myself, because the yarn was so very soft.. and pink. 47.

And they look like this..

Here's the real rub.. just when I think that I'm done.. no more to do and I'm putting away the scrap yarn and the googley-eyes? Sam comes along and says.. "Hey, the kids in my class want some of those too.. they keep asking if they can have one like mine, I just forgot to tell you"

So if there are 14 kids in his class, and one teacher, 4 or 5 aids..... 25 more? just to be sure?

And before you ask Joan, here is the pattern if you don't already have it, because I have it ingrained into my brain for all time...

Book worm

chain 20, 2dc in 4th chain from hook
3dc in each chain until end
chain 35 (if big yarn) 40 for worsted (or whatever length you want for your actual book size)
chain 15 , 2dc in 4th chain from hook
3dc in next 14 chains. finish off
glue googley-eyes on ... not the same without the eyes.. never forget this!!

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Joan's Good Life said...

Oh how you made me giggle! I was thinking "oh how absolutely adorable! I need to ask her for the pattern!" And BOOM! There you are mentioning me! Thank you! (I'm still grinning as I sit here typing!) You are such a sweetie! I love those bookworms! Just adorable!
P.S. Guess what!? I realized I did make a mistake, but I"m keeping it in the sock. I doubt anyone will notice and it's not a huge mistake (no holes or anything like that) and I am soooo close to getting to the no heal turn part! Honestly, I should never had said anything about no mistakes! ;-)