Saturday, March 6, 2010

Creative parenting

We've discussed Asperger's right? We've gone over special techniques used to work with rages? .. well maybe not, but that's not important now. What we have probably not gone over is the fact that children whose brains are hard wired differently, are still children, and they still really get on their mother's last nerve. Especially when their mother is having a deep and meaningful discussion with her minister, on the phone, and said children will not quit wrestling in the house. Even after several highly excused "OI!"'s yelled at them to stop horsing around in the house.

So I think that you will agree, that instead of bringing out the "fatal beatings" bat that I keep in the closet for just these kind of occasions, that it was a far, far better thing that I did when I filled up the nearest spray bottle, and proceeded to treat them like the cats digging in the house plants.

When I came around the corner, and caught them wrestling again.... well, let's just say they split apart pretty quickly. And Bless them, they did it laughing.

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