Thursday, December 30, 2010

A few pictures of the family

I recently had pictures taken of the family.. The last time pictures were taken of the whole family was 10 years ago.. or so. Picture taking can be a chore with my guys, but I found an amazing photographer.. Look at these amazing shots...

The whole family.

Dad and the boys.. great shot!

Mom and the boys.. You know.. what we really look like all the time.

Sam, at nearly 14, and looking so much more like a man than a boy. (sniff, sniff)

And Ben, so sweet and glorious. His face already manly.

And finally a picture of the boys at their best...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back from Never, Never Blog Land

It's not that I don't love you all... it's not that I haven't thought of you since September, and the felling of the tree, and I probably could have jumped on the computer in the last (gulp) 3 months, but I had serious training for a new position at work (I LOVE IT!) and of course the everyday, everything that comes with motherhood, a crazy attempt to learn the violin, keeping my sanity with knitting, and a full time job. The housework is still on the back burner.. screw it. You know I keep wanting to start a new years resolution of getting an organized life.. work, coming home to be the homework Nazi, spending 30 minutes (several hours would be better) cleaning house, getting dinner started, practicing the violin for 40 minutes to an hour daily, finishing the dishes, getting the kids ready for bed, getting to bed at a decent hour and getting up refreshed and feeling in control of my life. Go ahead.. laugh at my pipe dream. I do.. I cannot tell you how much I admire the women I know that do this.. I know them, I marvel at them. The more years I go through, the more I am willing to concede that this is just not possible for me.. I am a true Aquarian, I am an artist who gets lost for hours in one project.. I start to feel my fingers hurt when playing the violin and realize I've been at it for 2 hours. Ahh Well.. I'll likely try again this year. I'm stubborn.
In the mean time, I thought I'd show you the newest projects that I've finished...
This is this year's cardigan.. Aran, Peruvian Wool.. very warm, and it took forever..
I really love it. It gets a lot of attention and I'm
okay with that.. After this I need some instant gratification projects. This is really a trend for me. I think I buy most of my sock yarn stash during the few weeks after a big project is done.
Now the little grey sweater is a new baby sweater.. no pattern, I just know how to do a sweater, in the round and cut down the middle now.. I have gained a great deal of satisfaction from that. And those of you out there with new little grandchildren.. I know you will love this little cardigan.. I think it's about a 6 month size.
The inside is lined it with a little black velvet ribbon.. Classic.
Last.. not least, I made some hats for my nieces Kaelie and Callie (identical twins.. different likes.. love those girls) and for Ben who did not want to be left out of the fun.. the knitting was not a big deal, but they all picked out the colors, and we dyed the wool. I was pleased with their choices.. Ben is the blue and red striped. Kaelie wanted the blues, and Callie the greens,browns, and golds.
I will say that I tried to get every comment next to the individual pictures, but the blog gods are angry with my absence so..
Now, let's see if I can be better this time. I have just had some pictures done of the whole family and I hope to do a post that has some of the photos.. they are magnificent.. really, really good. I won't say tomorrow.. but let us say soon..