Thursday, December 30, 2010

A few pictures of the family

I recently had pictures taken of the family.. The last time pictures were taken of the whole family was 10 years ago.. or so. Picture taking can be a chore with my guys, but I found an amazing photographer.. Look at these amazing shots...

The whole family.

Dad and the boys.. great shot!

Mom and the boys.. You know.. what we really look like all the time.

Sam, at nearly 14, and looking so much more like a man than a boy. (sniff, sniff)

And Ben, so sweet and glorious. His face already manly.

And finally a picture of the boys at their best...


Joan's Good Life said...

Oh my gosh! Ya'll look fantastic! Those are some really great shots of you and your family. You found a great photographer who managed to capture your fun loving family to perfection.

Thanks for sharing!

1000scarves said...

Wow! What great photos! and so much fun it seems, way to go!

Pam said...

Finally catching up on my blog reading! Gorgeous family!!! Gorgeous photos!!!!