Monday, January 10, 2011

Silent Crafting.

You may know that I work in a call center.. I like my job, even given all the jokes out there about customer service.. I've had horrible service too... But I've been doing this work for 20 years, and frankly I'm very good at it. It's an acting job really. Improv. One call there is a woman on the phone whose son just died, the next call a young woman is calling to change her name because she just got married.. you need to keep up with the emotions of the caller. Not everyone is made for this job, and many, many reps are there for 6 months to a year before they just walk out. True story.

Today however, I am not at work because I have a bad chest cold that caused me to have laryngitis. The only way to treat this is to shut up. Do not speak, do not yell at the children (nasty looks and a coach's whistle are what I resort to for scolding...) Lots of hot beverages to soothe your voice box, and with any luck.. peace and quiet. Once your voice box has been damaged, it will react quickly and swell up to protect itself from more damage.. one of the most reactive muscles of your body. This is why, when I get a chest cold.. I always end up silent.. It almost kills me, every time.

Today however I am going to be working on crafting. I have this huge list of things that need my attention. Some big projects, some small.. The list is on my dry wipe wall.. see?

I may try to get some of the little things done.. like "fix Monica's slipper", that wouldn't take long. I am, however in a race to finish a baby blanket for the neighbor lady, who is expecting a baby girl after 3 boys... here it is so far.. And yes, there is a cat underneath it, who can find a surface in my house not used by a cat?

Here is a bit of a close up on the pattern.. If you want it Joan let me know.. I'll mail you a copy. Wait until you see it done.. It has a fancy lacy edge too.. I have 3 little girls to make gifts for, so I may do another of these too.. frankly I started this yesterday morning. It goes quickly.

And then, last but not least, and as comedic relief.. I finished a dog coat for a friend of mine. I'd never done such a thing before, and wanted to make sure that it would work.. So I grabbed someone close to size and tried it on him..

I know that it was not kind.. and he was not amused.. in the royal sense of the word. But the family got a really big laugh out of this. And hey.. it fit, so another success.


Joan's Good Life said...

LOVE the baby blanket. I LOVE the detail in the edge of the blanket! But you DO realize, don't you, that it would take me MUCH longer than a couple of days. Seriously, even if I were to do nothing else for the next two days, I STILL wouldn't have it completed in two day! ACK! YOU are talented AND FAST! ;-)

Sorry you aren't feeling well. There is some nastiness floating around and for once, in something like 5 years, My Honey and I finally came down with a cold! Hope you feel better soon!

And I am not surprised that you are so good at your job. You are really a very kind and understanding soul with a very happy spirit! ;-)

Feel better soon!
P.S. I've been trying to respond to all my comments in my comment space. Check back and see what I"ve said in reply to you!

Joan's Good Life said...
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1000scarves said...

Gorgeous blanket, and the dog coat... whats to say but it looks gorgeous dahling! lol miss you