Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random photos from Dad's house.

When I went to my dad's house for my Grandma's funeral, my husband asked me to take some winter pictures.

My dad, Rick, and his wonderful wife, Marcie, live in Brogan, Oregon. This is a very, very small town in the high desert of Eastern Oregon, right on the foothills of the Blue Mountains. So far east, that they border Idaho. My little family and I miss being there, and I had never been there in the winter, at least not for any of my adult years.

So, John wanted pictures of the "homestead" as my dad calls it. Forgive me the quality, they were taken with the phone camera, but you'll get the idea..

This is looking off the porch in the back of the house straight at those Blue Mountain Foothills I was talking about.

This is off to the right hand side of the back end, and you can see the little couch that dad sits on in the morning (and afternoon, and evening) while he drinks his coffee.

This is looking off to the left side where you see the work sheds and the area for the garden.. and some cool stuff on the deck, like rocks and stuff that my dad always has around. I used to tell him that he decorates his house in early cave. He still does, and I love it!

And this picture is for John, this is the couch that he has adopted as his own while we visit, this is his early morning coffee perch, or an afternoon nap time lounger.

At my dad's house, time seems to stretch out before you like the desert, or like those mountains, but I never seem to have enough of it there.


Joan's Good Life said...

Wow. He's got a wonderful view. It's no wonder he spends so much time out there on the porch! I like that you're a "left and right" person. Around here everyone give directions with North, South and so on. Very confusing. ;-)
btw, how's the violin lesson coming along? I've been playing phone tag with (I hope) soon to be instructor.

Pam said...

Wow, you can see forever.