Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loving the craft

When I was at my dad's and Marcie's house in January, Marcie and I talked socks. This is nothing new, Marcie and I have a similar fiber love, and we both love wool socks.. Now, I love how Marcie gets into the socks, like I do, she will feel the texture of the yarn, the feel of the stitch pattern. Marcie speaks my language. So while I was there I measured her feet and told her that I would get around to making a pair of socks, just for her feet.

I must admit though, before I started with hers, I had promised myself the working of a ball of sock yarn that had screamed my name... These, as a matter of fact.

They went so quickly! They were not meant to match.. the yarn doesn't work that way, but I understand from my Goddaughters that un-matching socks are so "in" right now.

These went so quickly that I am already starting on the heels of Marcie's socks.. see right here..

Now don't those just look amazing? I cannot wait to get started on the heels tomorrow, once those heels are done, it's a straight shot right to the top! Easy-peasy!

Hey Marcie, are you as excited as I am?


Joan's Good Life said...

I adore your socks! I'm still working on my yoga socks! Only ripped out 6 times so far. So disgusted with myself. Can't even make toeless, heal-less yoga socks! To top it off... I started on my daughters hat that she bought the yarn for. The yarn is SO difficult work with that if I make a mistake, I have to cut the work out and begin with new yarn. IT's sort of clumpily hairy. I can't seem to knit with it or crochet with it! UGH! I'm in knitters HELL!

1000scarves said...

Those socks turned out gorgeous! I'll post mine when i get the second one done, not quite to the heel yet. Got more needles too! (giggling in knitting bliss) :)