Friday, March 6, 2009

She's baack...kinda'

This cannot be long, and will be somewhat anticlimactic, but this is me, typing and back. I have been working on socks, I'll get a picture later for you, because the sweater is a little too heavy still. I hope to get back to it (the sweater) soon. The house is a disaster, as I can only do so much, my mom is trying to come in and help to reorganize everything... I'll keep you updated, but my bedroom and one of the boys' bedrooms looks way better. Sam, the elder, flat refuses to have anyone clean without him, we may throw away something important, like, an old wrapper for a pack of Yu'Gi-Oh! cards. Tragedy!

I have been starting to dye yarn. Sock yarn. Something I've played with for a while, the socks I'm knitting now are with my own hand dyed yarn, but yesterday I took some of my other yarn down to my LYS (local yarn store, for the non-knitters) to show off, and the owner promptly bought one for herself ( totally blindsided me) and put the others (just two right now) on commission in her shop. I feel like a deer in a headlight. She even put a tag on the yarn and made up a name... "Michelle's Kettle Dyed Yarn" Holy Crap! So, I guess I can feed my addiction for dying yarn without adding to my stash of sock yarn (it was at 50 socks to knit.. now at 47...) Although, I reserve the right to keep a skein that screams "Beauty" to me... again I'll take some pictures with the next skeins before taking them to the shop (that sounds so strange!) so you can see!

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Joan's Good Life said...

YEAH! You're back and by the sound of it, up and running. Oh my, dying your own yarn? How cool is that?!!! I'm so glad you're doing better. And I'm so happy you're back to blogging! I've missed you! =-)