Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picture day..

It's picture day at Jr. High... I have to tell you, I hate picture day, because, although I have very handsome young boys.. I do not very often get good pictures from school. It's not really the photographer's fault. I have children that have taken in into their heads that professional photographers are not to be smiled at. Because of this unfortunate mindset, I get pictures like this...

and like this...

Really these guys are so adorable... when they are not in front of school photographers they look like this...

Or like this..

So this morning, before Sam left for school, I started this conversation...

"Sam, I'm paying for these pictures, and every year.. really they are just crap"


"Why don't you picture the Photo guy in his underwear?"

"That really doesn't do it for me mom."

"How about a cartoon anvil on his head" *

No response from Sam so I say...

"Umm.. How about a bird landing on his head."

"How about a bird pooping on his head" (small grin escaping from his face... quickly drawn back in)

"Whatever works... You know, Sam, when I was in the 7th grade, I was trying to look all sexy for my photo, and it was the worst picture I ever had taken, it was like this."

(View mom bugging out her eyes, sucking in her cheeks, and ducking her head) **

"REALLY DUDE, every time your Amuma (Basque for grandmother) pulls that thing out I cringe.. I'm trying to save you that pain later in life..."

This gets an actual laugh.... I am hoping that he will think of that face when the Photography guy whips out his camera... failing that, I told the story to his amazing aides at school when I dropped him off this morning, I hope it works..

I get to have a similar conversation with Ben next week. Sigh.

* No actual School Photographers were harmed in the writing of this blog

**This picture is not available for public viewing...ever.


Joan's Good Life said...

Oh my gosh! I SO know what you are talking about. There are a million reasons why those "school" photo's never turn out. One could be because the "professionals" try to comb your hair all wrong right before the photo. (do they still do that?) Or it could be the stupid things they say to you just before they click the photo. Or (I had this happen a couple times) the second you sit down on the seat they take the photo! Not giving you the time to get yourself ready! The whole "sexy" look thing...yeh, I never tried that cuz I had no clue as to how to be sexy. Blah. ;-/

Pam said...

So funny! I think the boys pictures are adorable. I have one of my daughter where, I swear, she looks like an ex-con.

chellebelle said...

Yeah.. J... if you saw the unseeable photo, you would know that I do not know how to look that way either!!!