Friday, April 29, 2011

So you think you can knit??

This is for all of my readers (the two of you) that always go on and on about my ability to knit absolutely anything, and with the apparent thought that I never, never get frustrated with it.  I envision you thinking that I serenely sit back, knitting, without looking at my hands, with a beatific smile on my face, and a glow to my skin.  


I have been knitting for over a week to try to work on a little lacy cowl for a friend of mine.  She has a Bar Mitzvah to photograph at the last part of May.. the 20th to be exact.   The family is Orthodox, so she will need to have her head covered in Temple.  This will be perfect for her.  A cowl will lay around her neck outside, be lovely over her head inside, and is so, so light that she can wear it, even on the hottest days of the summer. 

I hate this thing.  It is a very easy little lace pattern.  Really it is. Two rows, one pattern row, one knit row, and every damn row I was off on the stitches.   I HATE to count stitches on each row.  In my arrogance I checked the errata on line to see if the pattern was written wrong, you know, missing a step?   I found out that I was reading the pattern wrong, and then was okay.. like, "All right, I was just reading this wrong.. I'm such a goober, but it happens." 

So I sat down to work on this again, and yet again... YET AGAIN I am off on the stitches... I was so mad, so fire breathing dragon mad that I did this.....

I cut the whole thing off the needles and recast on the damn thing.. 90 new, long tail cast stitches.  I will start working on it again tonight sometime,  but I had to knit on some socks just to settle my nerves.      


Joan's Good Life said...

Awww, how refreshing! (lol) I've seen you knit and you make it seem so terribly simple. But it is so nice to know and see that it doesn't always go the way you'd like it to. It actually makes me a bit... happy....! ;-) (sorry chelle, have to be honest, I'm a bit evil that way) ;) I am SO glad that you will take the time to try and teach anyone who asks, "how to knit". That is the most wonderful thing.
I'll bet you've got it all fixed and knitted up and given to your friend by now. And I'm sure she is LOVING it!

chellebelle said...

I am about half way done Joan.. but I still have puffs of dragon smoke coming out of my nose.