Monday, October 10, 2011

Did I sign up for this..

You know.. I'm trying so hard to get back into shape.   And in the last 4 months or so, I've lost 30 pounds.  This is a huge amount of weight when you are 5' 1".  I still have another 15-20 or so to go, and I've stepped it up a notch by putting running back into my life.  I used to run long distance in school.. High school, and College.  Not on any team, just going out for 3-5 mile runs a day.. whenever I felt like it, because in that day and age my lungs did not feel the need to explode at this type of exercise.  I've just started a 1st day to 5K podcast trainer on my Ipod.  First day today, went really well, and as I cool down, and listen to my children haggle with each other about whatever it is that they feel is worthy of argument at this moment, I wonder if I understood that parenthood would include this kind of constant refereeing. 

Another random thought for you.. I started playing the violin July 2010.. still working on this daily.. loving it, and with the running and the losing weight, my very sweet (and young) neighbor commented the other day that she is sure I'm going through my midlife crisis.  

Apparently I'm old enough now that learning new things, and getting in shape is not to be taken at face value. 
This must be a milestone in some way... right?  

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Joan's Good Life said...

Oh my goodness! Good for you! Although, I do believe I've found the weight you've lost! (ack)

Wow! I want/need your motivation! You are my inspiration... learned to play the violin AND lost weight! Both of which I want to do!

Again, good for you!