Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pictures, pictures, pictures... and gnomes

We are reaching the home stretch to summer vacation, and frankly, I am tired, sick and tired of homework... et al. For those of you on summer vacation now, fooey on you... no really, I don't mean it, I hope you are having a well deserved break... I still, deep down, resent you.

Moving on, I have promised pictures of socks, and I am coming through, with most of them anyway, because I have been a sock making machine! Here goes.

Now, I have finished that turquoise and gold pair long ago, I just realized while down loading pictures that I never took a finished shot of those. I have counted, I have completed four new pairs of socks, and just have the leg of my fifth to finish. I really want my sock drawer full of my own socks come winter time.. all wool, all mine! Some people want millions of dollars, I'm happy with warm socks.

On to the gnomes. I was at Joann's, (shocker, I know) anyhoo, I found these little miniature hanging gnomes in the 50% off section and thought, well of course, why not?

I decided that I was going to make up a game for the summertime. Random gnome sightings. This is how it works. See a gnome somewhere, get it, put it somewhere else. Don't tell. Let someone else find it and put the gnome in another place. Repeat.

This has already become one of the most amusing things that we have ever done as a family. Honestly. It takes imagination, but very little time and can be absolutely hilarious... Here is one of my personal favorites, this last Saturday morning when I went for the fat free 1/2 and 1/2 for my coffee...

yep, that's the sun tea jug, Sam put it there the night before.. brilliant

Then there is the gnome who wants back in the garden and is willing to ride on my hat..

The gnome on the mantle... just a little closer to the back door, and therefore, the garden..

And just today.. I laughed out loud.. with malicious glee, I might add (well, frankly, I will add) as I found a very particular place for a poor gnome to be... we humans rarely look up, so he may be safe.

Really, I can't tell if he looks trapped, or just as mischievous as I feel.. bless him.


Joan's Good Life said...

I am envious of your sock making abilities! I've got the needles, book and yarn and yet... I am so intimidated...!

I LOVE the gnome! That is such a fun idea and too cute! Although, that last photo, he does look a bit "trapped". Perhaps you should tell him that at some point he will eventually make it outside... you know... just in case....

Thanks for visiting me again. I'll be better about posting, honest! ;-) And it's great to see your post!

Pam said...

I am enjoying my summer vacation, but I can't knit a sock to save my life, so we're even.

What a great game!

( ramey holsman ) said...

Brilliant Queenie!!! Has anyone spotted the ceiling light gnome yet? I shall share this game with others of like mind. It's too good not to! I L-O-V-E your socks!! =(V)

Diane said...

I've become addicted to sock knitting!