Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Time Count Down

The game continues...

We are on a 3 day count down to summer time... We officially have no homework this next week, but we do have "graduation" from 6Th grade. I consider this a very good reason to take a Tuesday off. This was my first week back to work on a full time basis. On Monday I was completely wiped out... Heavens, I was so tired. Mind you, I had PHYSICAL THERAPY right after my first full day back, (yes, I know that I screamed it..) Oddly enough, by the end of the week (today, I had to work this Saturday) I'm feeling pretty good. Isn't it amazing how quickly we can get used to something we've done before?
Now some news and some socks.. Firstly, I had to take my wonder dog Oscar to the vet this
week, he has been panting, panting, panting, panting... poor guy. Oscar is overweight, and needs to be on a serious diet.. Also, Oscar has allergies and a staph infection in his skin due to the scratching brought on by said allergies. SO antibiotics for Oscar, 1 cup of food a day for Oscar, and daily walks for Oscar. Oscar looks like a stereo-typical portly English butler.. Or Hercule Poirot, chalk that up to the left over PB and J that is left around, along with gold fish crackers off the floor.

Secondly, these are the newest pair of finished socks.. I like them, but will not wear them until fall, because, oh boy are they warm! I'm starting a pair now that is a wool/bamboo blend.. very soft and light.

And here, I shamelessly used Cloud, the very relaxed, sleeping cat as a prop for the turquoise and gold pair that I had neglected to show you before (bad girl)

Now, I know that it is in bad form, but I will be posted another post right after this one, because I need to download more pictures.. and it is just not catch up stuff.. So see you in a minute.

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Pam said...

So, you are working full time now? What do you do?

I love the socks. I am hoping to take a sock knitting class this fall.

Poor Oscar.