Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movin' to Texas..

No, not me.

One of my best friends, Amy, is heading to Texas to be closer to her side of the family on July 11th.

I am not ready for this. I don't have a lot of close girl friends. The ones that you can talk to two days, or two months later and pick up the conversation where you left off. As a matter of fact, when you meet it is like picking up the conversation where you left off from the last life that you knew each other in. Amy and I are like this. We call each other when our wonderfully strange family members do something funny. Normally these actions would not be funny to other people, but we live with Vulcans, so we have a twisted sense of humor.

I know that we have the Internet now, and the telephone, and cell phones where there aren't even long distance charges. I am secure in the knowledge that we will not lose touch with each other. BUT it is simply not the same as driving 2 blocks down, taking a left hand turn, driving 3 blocks down and 1 right turn and 1 block later I'm in her drive way.

Amy is also one of my knitting buddies. She took to it like a fish to water, she understands the amazing mathematics of it all, the pure logic of stitches per inch equals whatever you want to make it.

Amy also gets my lack of organization, she is the one who led me to the fly lady and her system of recapturing your house. I'm still working towards this, Amy is my inspiration.

Amy is moving for all the right reasons, she really is needed in Texas, way more than I need her here, there are better job opportunities for the family there. All of the things that we pull up roots for. Blah, blah, blah.

There is no one way to define a friendship. There is no one way to use words to describe the love and overwhelming dependence that we have on one person to be in our lives daily. I won't even try.

Moving Sucks.

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Pam said...

That's awful!