Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random Thoughts again..

1. When I'm knitting, and starting a new project (baby hat right now) and it requires ribbing, I find myself thinking about each stitch as I go around the cast on.. as long as it takes to get the stitch on the needle... knit... puuuurrrrrrrl... knnnit... puuurrl.. knit...purrrrrrrrrrrrrl.. knnnnnnidangit... purrrrl.  all the way around the beginning.  I do it every time.

2. When I weigh myself in the morning.  I always exhale as much breath as possible before I step on the scale.

3. It never really makes a difference in the weight, I still do it anyway.

4.  I love listening to Ben laugh over something on the Internet he's watching, because, like his father, laughter sneaks up on him and is torn out of his body, almost against his will. It sounds wonderful.

5. I always think about the Christmas gifts I'll make for people starting in August, but I never get around to starting them until December.   I think it's a knitter thing.. or a crafter thing.  I don't want to appear elitist.

6.  My spelling has continued to suck throughout my life, regardless of how many books I read, thank God for spell check. 

7.  I keep thinking, "I could be cutting out Madie's doll right this moment, but I'm typing instead"  I know that I will some time today, but I still feel guilty about typing now. 

8.  I will always have scads of yarn and sheet music strewn about. 

9.   My house may never, ever be clean.

10.  There is no real # 10, it just felt wrong to stop on # 9.

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Pam said...

We're so much alike. Except that I only dream of making Christmas presents. I have all my ideas saved on Pinterest or in folders, never to see the light of day. Love, love, love my gloves. You will be famous on Monday, or at least famous with my blog readers!