Friday, April 3, 2009

Geesh.. Where did the week go?

So first of all.. the boys both have their ears... This is due in no small part to me letting go of my need for perfection, and just using the clipper guides for around the ears. 'Nuff said.
I started back to work, part time, this Wednesday, and I am still desperately trying to get my house into some order.
Now, you may not know this, but in my past life, I was a slob.
Not that I didn't have good intentions of cleanliness, no, that wasn't it. As a matter of fact, clean was not the problem, the floors were mopped, the dishes done.. The clutter was the issue. I am not what you would call a "Born Organized" person.
I was given a "fly lady" intervention years ago by my great friend Amy, who is way better at clean than I am. I could only get so far on my own. This house is a little house, that has one husband, two boys, three cats, a dog, a fiber addict for a mother and too much crap. I can tell you that the house did not get any better with the mom of the house with a broken shoulder, then with a mom of the house with a surgery damaged shoulder.
In steps my mother.
God Bless my mother.
Now, my mom is a born organized person. I will not lie, when she stepped in to help me clean the house (gut it inside out, more like) I was not too happy. I gritted my teeth, my tone of voice was not always pleasant, I sighed like a disgruntled teenager.
My mom really loves me.
After a few rooms however, I started to see, well, surfaces. Yes, cleared off surfaces. I walk into my living room and have a corner to knit in... by a window, with a clean surface that used to overflow with odds and ends of forgotten projects, undone mending etc, etc -add nausea. No, really, nausea.
I have taken over the project, well, what I can do myself with a shoulder that will not be 100 % for several months yet. I still call on my mom for help... like today to clean off the top of my washer and dryer. It is sooo pretty. See.

I am finding that my sense of peace is expanding like the heart of the Grinch on Christmas day.
Also.. though I haven't taken the picture of the Pink Cable Sock yet.. (sorry) I was so excited about the red and pink "dyed blank" sock that I have taken pictures here...

and here..

and I've started a new pair of socks... because I'm a freak. Pretty soon, I'll not only be a fiber freak, but a clean freak too. (yeah, I went there, it's how momma rolls.)


momma said...

Yea, they look so good and I'm so proud of all that you are doing. You forgot to mention that you are also a full time Mom and wonderful friend to so many. Give yourself a big hug and pat on the back, you deserve it.

Joan's Good Life said...

I do believe you need to listen to your momma.