Friday, June 11, 2010

Violin Lesson

So I got the violin back from the very talented instrument doctor, and I was ready to start playing, except that I had no idea how. I have no time to leave the house after work, as I have 4 kiddos to look after and dinner to put on, and mounds... really MOUNDS of laundry at anytime, but I'm a determined lady.

So I hopped onto the Internet, and (although it goes against my principles, because it takes away money from local music teachers) I down loaded a basic program to learn the violin. Yesterday was the first lessons. How to hold the bow, the violin, and how to start to practice going from one string to another without sounding like a unrehearsed cat fight.

I didn't do too badly, the dog stayed in the room, and the kids all said it was cool, if uninteresting. When I started to explain "the seven plains of music" their eyes glazed over and they retreated to the garage to watch TV.

The cats however, kept slinking around the room in a crouched position looking back and forth wearily.

I'll be practicing this lesson again today, I think I need more clarity in my transition. Cool Huh?


arnettbj said...

I’m glad I’m in WA; I remember when you picked up the guitar (just kidding). So any who that would all be a tall moment for me and I would retreat to the garage with the kids.
I do like your stories they make me chuckle.

Pam said...

This is totally cool! Try not to freak out the cats too much!

1000scarves said...

Way to go girl!! I've been slowly learning the Irish whistle via CD and book, and do i mean s-l-o-w-l-y. But if we don't plunge in when we can find the time, we won't plunge in at all. Here's to happy practicing! :)