Saturday, June 12, 2010

A short trip to the coast, a missed birthday party, and the violin

Today the family and I hopped into the Subaru Forrester and heading for the coast. This is an easy day trip for us, maybe an hour, maybe more depending on your shore of choice. This is the Pacific Northwest.. pick one. We normally head over to Seaside, which is the tourist trap beach, but it also happens to be the city that is home to many of our close friends, so we usually get to visit them when we go there. Today they were taking a art class final. Oh well.. I spent my time wading and looking out into the vastness of the Pacific Ocean (when I wasn't neurotically watching my boys to make sure that said ocean did not drag them away)

Where I really wanted to be today was my brother's surprise, but not anymore surprise Birthday party in Washington. There are several reasons that I couldn't be there, but it still sucked that I wasn't there. Ultimately I know that I would have been able to actually see him for all of like, 5 minutes, and then he would have had to entertain some more of the other people that had come to the party, and 4 hours up and 4 hours back with irritated children in the car would have been a drag, but if I had a transporter, I so would have shown up. I miss my little brother, and I love his little family, and sometimes it bugs me that my brothers and I are so far apart. Really we are all so busy with work and kids and everyday life that we almost never see each other. I miss them. (Except those times when my brothers are bratty! They can still be bratty in their 40's!)

I had some more practice time with my violin today, I'm getting better, the cats were in the room and NOT slinking. Even the darling husband said (with no little surprise, I might add)

"You don't sound bad!"

That really was nice. I was telling my friend, Heather, that I noticed as I was playing the last couple of days that I find myself pacing with the violin as I play, walking back and forth in the house, as if I was quieting an infant. It feels that familiar to me. Today while I was doing the open string exercises I found myself looking at the sheet music and not looking at the strings, and I was hitting all of the right notes. Of course, as soon as I realized that I was doing that, I got that 'Holy Crap, look at me!' thought, and I completely fumbled. Go figure.

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Joan's Good Life said...

Aw man! I wanna learn how to play too! Today, at 9 a.m. I was up at the fair ground pavilion standing, taking money and clapping my hands and doing any number of things at our 2nd Annual Cake Walk event. I got home at 5 p.m., in time to make some marshmallows for smores and then began making dinner. ( Spatchcocked Chicken no less!!) As well as entertain in-laws who decided at the last minute that they wanted to come visit for the weened! It is now 10:44 and I am finally relaxing at the computer and I read about how you're learning how to play the violin. Waaaaa, I'm jealous!