Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wolverine's Birthday

So today at 1:12 pm, that is 13:12 for you military people, 10 years ago I gave birth to my youngest son, Ben. He has always been my sober child, but he still knows how to laugh. Actually both of my children could tend toward the brooding side of life, but my husband and I are too full of mischief and humor to let that happen overmuch. But when I say that my Ben is wolverine, what I mean is that he seems to have been re-incarnated from an old 1940's movie. The strong silent type that all the women wanted and the other men wish they could be.. you know. He is, even at 10, the one who prefers to be working with his hands, doing a job, outside if he can manage. I wish, often, that we were living in eastern Oregon with my family, as he would have so much more to be doing everyday, He would love it.

Ben's grin is infectious, really downright impish, irresistible. And, because he is surrounded by his slightly insane parents (actually just me on that one, John is very sane) his sense of humor is developing quite nicely. I think that he will be just as perfect a deadpan humorist as his father.. they both just have me rolling all of the time. (Sam is more like me, we're apt to howl at the moon as not. Good thing we have them to round us out. )

I have to work today, one of the draw backs to Ben having a birthday on July the 3rd, is that work does not want to give me time off the day before the holiday... no matter how long I've worked there, so .. I have to see him after his exact time of birth. Dang it.

Happy Birthday Ben, I was determined to have you, even right after Sam was born, not even an hour after, I told your father.. We're having one more! I knew you would be ours even then. Life would not be right without you!


Pam said...

Happy Birthday Ben!

Joan's Good Life said...

Happy Birthday to Ben, the wolverine boy!

1000scarves said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!! Welcome to the double digits! :)