Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Swinging in a tree

You know? I've never grown out of my need for a good swing. Not the dance type, but little kid swinging. Of course this is really hard to do on a little kid swing set, and even when we upgraded to the really cool wooden structure with swings, (that I help build, thankyouverymuch) I wasn't able to really swing the freeing good swing I crave.

My husband, John, he really loves me.

A lot.

So several years ago we bought a hammock swing and my loving husband installed it into our sweet gum maple tree.

I LOVE my swing, but of course, it became absolutely everyone's favorite swing.. I have seen several kids on that swing at the same time. Finding time to go to my swing is really hard, but I try to get out in the back yard when I can.

My swing's looking a little worse for wear. My garden is a box full of weeds, my house is not perfectly clean,(not even close) and frankly, although my laundry was done to the last stitch of dirty clothes Saturday, there is now at least 5 more loads to do.

But oh! Just a few minutes of time under that tree!

Lookie, Look! See what I see when I swing under my tree! (wish the photography was better, but I think you get the idea!)

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1000scarves said...

oh Chelle, I love your pics of the trees from your swing!! I have a swing too, but it hangs from my porch cuz we have no trees to hang it from :( But i know exactly what you mean about time in the swing... peace, rejuvenation, a bit of whimsy... i love my swing. Everyone should have one. Thanks for posting about your swing! :)