Friday, July 23, 2010

A trip back east.

A trip back to Eastern Oregon, that is.. that's a good eight hours east traveling in a car with the whole family and a dog... really, that's east enough for me. This time the whole family got to go out and see Grandpa and Grandma, and it was much warmer! See this is what Dad's place looks like in the summer..

The high desert is a beautiful place. In the bottom picture are the foothills of the Blue Mountains.. just without the snow this time. Dad and the boys spent some time four wheeling. The boys are just starting to learn how, and neither one of them will be doing it alone, Sam from over cautiousness, Ben because, (as my father said) he has no sense of danger.... (this is so true, not only would he not be afraid of a dragon in his path, he would absently pat it's head as he walked past it and comment on it's lovely coloring.) Not because he has no fear, but because he would not realize there is anything to fear. (Mother sighs deeply, shakes her head and mutters "Bloody Wolverine.")
Ben was Dad's shadow while he was out there, anywhere in the desert Dad was going, Ben was tagging along. If it was outside, and with Grandpa, he was there. They both loved it, but it tired them both, we got home Wednesday, and Ben spent the day needing "alone time". I think that he would live out there full time if he had the chance.
Sam was happy to see everyone, but was not at home. If the whole world could just come to him, in his own space, he would be pretty comfortable to visit. In this Sam and Grandpa are just alike. This is why we go to visit Grandpa, and not the other way around.... Sam loved seeing everyone, but was very ready to get home to his own room and his own routine. He handled being away from everything much better than he used to. He does, happily, go through the uncomfortable sensation of being away from home to see Grandpa and Grandma, he loves and misses them.

Here are Grandpa and the boys. Grandma had gone to work before I pulled out my camera, otherwise I'd have Marcie right there with them.

Here is Grandpa, the boys and Mr. Meta. (that would be short for Metamorphosis, Dad's sense of humor is as warped as my own.) That tortoise is 45 years old, and just in the prime of his life. He is a favorite attraction for anyone that visits Dad.

Lastly, here is a picture of myself and Dad. My heart always aches when I leave. It doesn't matter how long I get to visit, or how pleasant it's been (and it was lovely) it's never enough time.


Joan's Good Life said...

That is beautiful country! I just drove through that area earlier this week. And I'll be driving throufg again on the 13th of aug.
No grand baby yet! But enjoying time with son and dillygirl!

1000scarves said...

Those times with family are so special. :)