Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pictures. and tree update...

So I thought I'd update again.. got a few pictures for you.. (and I really hate pictures of myself so I'm biting the bullet to post these.. vain as I am. )
Here is me trying not to scratch with my bow.. see me biting my lip?

Then there are the others in my household that are happy with my new passion...

Me in my newest finished sweater.. cotton, summer hoodie. (reversible, zipper up the front. ) I've been living in it.

Here is the newest sweater I'm working on.. a lace aran. Hard to see I know, but I'm really pleased so far.

Here are the very start of the sleeves, two at a time on cable needles. And clearly lacking really cool stitch markers to keep track of my increase place.

As for the tree news, we had an expert out today and they said that this tree can be saved.. that even it we cut it all off at the point of the break, our tree would grow back.. 6 feet in one year! By the end of next week, we will have this done! I cannot have another winter of wind, rain and worry. I do not want limbs falling on our children. We will be getting a couple of different bids and opinions, whether to lop it off at the break or trim it back drastically but keep some of the height. (I kind of like that idea) But we get to keep the tree!!!

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Joan's Good Life said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE your sweater! And you look like such a violin pro. I am truly envious of you actually learning how to play! And YAY for the tree. I would be for saving as much of the height as possible too.

P.S. The camera loves you! You look great. And keep sharing! ;-)