Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stormy Weather..

Big storm last night.. Big! Lots of rain, (nothing new for us.. this is Oregon.) but at about 7:45 PM (ish) there was a loud CRACK! and lo! a big branch from my swingin' tree fell into our house and shed.

That is right on top of John and I's bedroom window. No broken window, no roof damage! Yeah! No children outside in the swing (although Sam was swinging in it an hour before) no animals underneath the limb.

Look at that! One of the main limbs off of my beautiful Sweet Gum.

The gutter is the only real casualty and we will have to replace that soon (this weekend) .. remember, this is Oregon, one does not go without gutters.

This is what is left of my tree.. I'm nervous, we have to have someone come out and let us know if the tree itself must come down. I would be a sad, sad, sad lady if it does, but I will not risk house, or most especially life for the love of my tree..

The real problem .. I have a young teenager who has gone decidedly panicked over the possibility of losing a mainstay of his life.. he doesn't even know that the tree may have to come down yet. I do not want to tell him. I don't even want to tell myself.


Joan's Good Life said...

Positive thinking! That is what I'm sending your way... Positive thoughts! Hopefully the tree will be salvageable and all will be well.

Joan's Good Life said...

silly me. I posted a comment on my blog in response to your comment. I probably should have come back here and posted it instead. Anyhow... check out my response. Cuz you still ROCK!