Sunday, November 9, 2008

Insignificant booger

I know I already wrote today, but really I cannot, not write about this one..

So the boys are sitting at the computer table watching Mario videos on Youtube, and I walk by while Sam is picking his nose and, unthinkingly, wipes the booger under the edge of the computer desk... eeeww.

So I three finger thump the back of his head and give him the evil eye, and he returns a blankly confused look to me. I say nothing, just walk into the bathroom, grab a Kirkland brand wipe that I keep in there for the little boy splashes (remember those?) and walk back out to him and hand him the wipe..

"Wipe that off now!"

"Wipe what off?" said with another blankly confused look

"You just wiped a booger underneath the edge of the computer desk, wipe it off."

"Oh Gawd mom! Nobody cares about an insignificant booger!"

"Oh my gawd Sam," (says Jordan, Sam's best friend) "INSIGNIFICANT BOOGER, say that again!"

Really... you can't make this kind of thing up.

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Ana said...

I may have shared with you the time that I caught Elizabeth eating her boogers in the car. I was disgusted...she was 8! And I gasped, "Elizabeth, what makes you want to eat your boogers!" She says, "What Mom, I kind of like them, they taste like olives!". Oh...gross! Good thing I never liked olives. I am assuming they taste like the green kind. Ugh.