Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things I am grateful for..

Okay, it's Sunday.. I'm back from church and thinking of things that I am grateful for, which include, but are not limited too..

Cheese cake

That my DH (darling husband) and I still have our jobs.

P.T.-- Physical Therapy.. I know, normally known as pain and torture, but I broke my shoulder in July and if I don't do this everyday my arm hurts more!.. (and yesterday I sort of forgot that , and am paying for that today..) ahem

Someone else cleaning out the cat box... I am always thankful for that...when it actually happens. Again, ahem (said with a slightly more hint-like tone)

My friends.. all of who (whom?) are incredibly cool, much like me. (no, really I am!)

Sock yarn.. oh and most any alpaca yarn (Sock yarn that has alpaca? Hold that woman back boys!)

And lastly, that this month, for whatever reason, my oldest boy's school is doing testing and he doesn't have homework. This is the greatest of all right now, because, honestly, I don't think, what with going back to work for the first time in four months this last week, (remember the shoulder?) I could have taken the "But this is so pointless!" comment as he melted out of the kitchen chair like a Dali painting.

So speaking of Alpaca sock yarn, and my oldest boy Sam. I'm working on socks for him now out of paca-peds tie dye.. his choice, God bless the boy, he loves color. I love that about him. When I made him a sweater for kindergarten, he chose a rainbowy color. At first, he chose pink, I nixed that, not because I had a problem with it, (I thought it was cool) but that I didn't want him to be beat up on the very first day of school ever. When I told him that the rainbowy color would be really bright, he said, with a very solemn face, "It's never too bright for me, mom." I'm glad that he hasn't out grown that. I hope he never does.

here they are. in progress, toe up, k2 p2 ribbing.

The cats really like two socks on circs because there is always a sock to attack while I am knitting on the other one.. sigh.

ERIC! I really am working on that hat of yours, but I've ripped it out, like 18 times. I am not even kidding, and the original idea of shadow knitting it? It is so not working -- so I am working on a skull hat, and a regular k2 p2 (that would be knit 2 purl 2) ribbing watch cap too.. I will get that bald head of yours warm soon. I promise.

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Gary Wood said...

I'm thankful for the still has jobs part too.