Saturday, November 8, 2008

Toliet seats.. No, Reallly!

Okay Ana.. I've caved, I have. I'm blogging..

This morning, while I was doing my swipe and swish (google "The Fly Lady" for an explanation people) my wooden toilet seats, with the brass hinges finally gave out. I was elated.. finally I get to buy new toilet seats.

Now, mind you, I bought these 4 years ago, because, the little boy splatters are not nearly as see-able on the wood as on the white. (Come on, I'm a busy lady!) but the brass hinges were the real mistake... guess what happens to brass when it meets little boy splashes...

have you guessed yet?

Well, let's just say the Statue of Liberty is the same color of the hinges... if you get my meaning. Not wanting to spend money on the reconstruction of the hinges (well, it isn't the same as the Statue of Liberty, is it!) I decided that new toilet seats are in order.

But not just any toilet seats.. no! I wanted the cheesiest toilet seats possible.

I went to Lowe's first, and while I was speaking to Ana... long distance (I love the "no charges for long distance" thingy on the cell phone) I discovered that the toilet seats there had way too much class.. so I went to Target and found them!

Isn't that great! Now I can tell if the boys have flushed the toilet without lifting up the lid.

Who am I kidding? PUT THE LID DOWN? REALLY?

I have a theory. The reason that toilet seats are never put down by men, is that the mother spends the first 18 years teaching the young gentlemen to lift the seat up. (Please, momma doesn't want to sit in that at 3:00 am again.. okay sweetie?) So.. there is no time for the "seat going down" training before they move out...

So I live in Hillsboro, Oregon. Close to Portland. When people ask me, "Does it really rain as much as they say out there?" I just say... yes. Yes it does.

Today the boys and I were taking full advantage of the down pour. There has been some construction on our street lately and the workers have left a pile of asphalt in front of the storm drain, (these things are really, really important here in Oregon, take my word on this.) and this gave the boys and I a perfect opportunity for some really excellent puddle jumping (wading, really) see...

Now Eric... I really wanted you to know that I'm doing my very best to teach your nephews how to really, really take advantage of a nice big puddle. Sam has got it down, he was using his hands to scoop water onto his brothers back.. yeesh.

The pile of laundry is on the entry way rug to prove it.

I'll put them in the washer right away Amy.. I promise! Right after I finish another row on Sam's sock.. really..


Ana said... the toilet seat cover! Is that real gravel/sand in the toilet seat? So great. Way to go Target.... So, I guess peeing on Shamu might be unethical? At least if these hinges rust will be more like a rusty anchor?

chellebelle said...

Ana, the hinges WON'T rust, I made sure of that.. and yes, there is real sea shells in the plastic. I really wished I could find a Yoshi toilet seat, because I know that the boys would not pee on anything connected to a video game...

chellebelle said...

Oh geesh.. there ARE real sea shells... all that education, gone to waste.