Monday, January 12, 2009

He's reading- something other than a manual!

Sam started reading some time when he was 4. No prompting, we didn't even know it until he started sounding out "21 bil-li-on" at McDonald's. We went out and bought The Bob Books that day and he read the first 3 at my mom's house and then said, "Can I go play my game now?" in exasperation at all of these stupid adults with their mouths hanging open.

I don't know why we were so surprised, I did the same thing. Sam has always loved a good story read to him, (I have a talent for reading out loud) but never really exerted any effort in reading a story to himself. Mostly Sam has read texts for video games. I know Sam, I know that they are DS or Playstation, or Wii, but I just say video for all of them. Yesterday, Sam had to start a new reading log book, and I handed him Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I gave him no choice. He begrudgingly took it, and didn't come up for air for over an hour. Then he couldn't stay away from it through out the day.

Ben really did not read in the same way that Sam has. He has had a real problem with his eyes tracking properly. Apparently 1/3 of the children with reading problems have issues with their eyes tracking, so that they cannot memorize shapes, like letters. He has special glasses, and has done lots of exercises to work on tracking and convergence. Because Sam has always read in Ben's memory, and because he cannot read as fast as Sam, he thinks he cannot read. Not true, all he lacks is confidence, so we keep working on this daily. I think that Ben will really take off with reading when he comes into his own too, even now, he checks out books about birds at the library. He really wants to know more about his animals.

Geesh, more non fiction.....

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