Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wonders never ceasing

Today, after my MRI (yep already done, I find out tomorrow what the pictures all mean) I came home with a raging headache expecting hours of homework resistance, dragging my feet through the door, with my hand upheld in front of me. I was warning off all talking until I could get 3 Advil into me. (It didn't work by the way) I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see that Ben had finished all homework, and Sam hunkered down and did 2 pages of math with minimal assistance, and an entire handwritten composition completely on his own. With no complaining.

Frankly, I am a little bit afraid. Dinner is done. Dishes are done. (Thank you Mom!) and I am going to sit and knit.

I find out tomorrow at 10:15 am what is going on with the shoulder, I even have the x-rays and MRI prints here, but, as I cannot read them, I get to wait for the expert to translate for me.

I have to really hand it to the Doctors and staff, they got me into an MRI today, just hours after my appointment, and they are squeezing me in tomorrow.. Really cool that I am not having to wait for weeks.

I'll let you all know the scoop tomorrow.

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Pam said...

I hope you find out some good news with your MRI. And how wonderful that you were able to relax afterwards and not have more stress!