Saturday, January 3, 2009

Promised Shoulder Story

So I promised you that I would share the shoulder story, and here it is.. in all it's long, drawn out, grisly glory.

On July 5Th of 2008, yes, this last summer, I was watching my goddaugther, Asha, while her mother and sister went looking for her birthday present. (July the 9Th she turned 9) I was in the garden, hoeing, while the kids were looking around for the snap game (not exploding snap.. we are just lowly muggles here) and, because it was easier to get the game myself as opposed to explaining to the kids that it was on the 3rd shelf down on my cookbook book self in the kitchen under the counter, I walked into the house to get the game for them.

Now Sam usually wraps himself in a sleeping bag during the day when he needs to feel confined, yes, even in the summertime, and he always leaves it on the floor. I always pick up the sleeping bag, and yell out as I do "Someone is going to trip over this and really get hurt, pick it up off the floor!!"

Ummm, except this time. This time I just walked over it, and I tripped.

The funny thing is, that I really remember this all in slow motion, like in the movies. I realize now that when you trip, you automatically lift your foot forward to catch yourself, except of course, when your shoes have hog tied you into a sleeping bag and you start to fall flat. I also realize that your arm shoots out to try to catch yourself.. especially onto convenient stereo speakers that are like 4 feet tall. Did I mention that I am 5'1 and 1/2"? Well, my body went down, and my arm stayed up and SNAP! I felt it inside, I knew that I had done something wrong, and I had done this right in front of all three kids. I honestly think that I would have lost consciencesness if the kids weren't there, I just kept thinking that I needed them to call someone.

Ben ran over right away.

"Mom, are you okay?"
"Momma's okay honey, Sam, I need you to call Muma" (Amuma, grandmother in Basque)
"No" Asha said, "Call my mom!"
"No, Asha honey, call my mom.. Sam the number is. (and I proceeded to give our home number not my moms) No wait, I mean.. (gave the right number)"
"Mom" Ben said, "are you okay?"
"Yes honey, Momma's okay"
"Mom, I brought you an ice pack" Sam announced
"Muma?, Mom fell down, she isn't getting up and says that I need to call you. No, she can't come to the phone, she says you need to come right now." Long Pause "Okay"

phone hung up , more long pause

"Sam, what did Muma say?"
"She's coming"

"Mom" I bet you can guess who said this "are you okay?"
"Yes, (sigh) momma is okay"

My mom only lives a mile away, so she was here really quickly, and when she leaned over me (because I was smart enough to stay right where I fell) I grabbed onto her shirt (with my left hand) pulled her to me and said through gritted teeth,

"It is not okay!!"
"There is something really, really wrong, call Heather, we need to go to the hospital now!"

Well, I will gloss over the emergency waiting room visit, except to say that the nurse told my that he was so sure that I did not break my shoulder that he was willing to bet his next paycheck.. It is very hard to break this bone apparently.

I was really nice to the guy after the doctor told me that I had broken the Humorous bone, the 2nd hardest bone to break in our bodies I was told. How nice, I have always been an over achiever. I broke out the corner of the bone.

Anywho, I was off of work for 4 months.

I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason. Platitude though it is, I have a philosophical bent, and frankly, the time I had off, although painful physically, was really a wonderful time. This was the first summer that I had off with the boys, and my husband. John and I work separate shifts, so that we have no daycare issues. This means that we see very little of each other and it was wonderful to discover that I still really like the guy. I was always aware of loving him, but the fact that I really truly enjoy his company after 15 years is a real treat.

A lot of things happened this summer and fall that proved to me again and again, that I really needed to be home during that time. When I did go back to work, it was also wonderful to see that I was missed and that I was welcomed back.

I have worked really hard to regain the use of my right arm, my physical therapist has been really great, and really happy with me. Unfortunately I have a set back right now. I don't know what has happened, either there was always a rip in some lining, or the open area of bone that is still growing together (they say about 18 months for total recovery) ripped something out, or there is some big major swelling, either way, I feel like I'm back in October beginning to move the arm again for the first real PT session.

I'm really kindda pissed off about this.


I'm feeling done with this whole episode.

I know, I know, I just went on with the "there is a reason for all of this" but frankly, I am a little UNreasonable right now.

I go back to the Doc on Wednesday and I was told that he will be ordering an MRI.


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Pam said...

Wow, how awful! It does seem like it would take a really long time to heal that kind of a break.