Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crafty projects completed!

Just in case all of you think all I do is deal with bickering kids, and schools and such, (and after the last couple of posts, you may feel that way) I wanted to show you the latest projects that I have finally completed.

In early June 2008 I had started embroidering some new dish towels for my kitchen. I was taking my time completing them, you know, working on them in between knitting projects.

July 5Th I broke my shoulder, really, really badly. That's a totally different post.. I'll share later, I promise. Anywho, I could not do the sewing at all.

I did manage to knit. Addicts are like that.

But yesterday I finished the set and here they are! Aren't they pretty?

And these are my Goddaughters' new slippers (and funnily enough, their feet as well!)

I'm still working on my brother Eric's hat.. I finished one for him, just a normal watch cap, but the skeleton one had to be ripped back... again... I think I've figured out how to solve my little issue with that blasted hat, but then again, I've thought that before. More on that later.

Sam's Socks will probably be done tonight! and I will start my new pair for myself! I will be using some of my own hand dyed yarn (as she rubs her hands together in anticipation) Also, I have promised myself, after Eric's skull cap is done, that I can start on my alpaca fair isle yoke cardigan a'la Elizabeth Zimmerman. My senses reel everytime I smell the yarn. (yeah, I really do smell it! Heady stuff!)

Lastly, we here in the Pacific Northwest are getting hit with a very cool snow storm, well, several of them actually, so here are the boys out in the snow. I caught the picture of Sam as he was coming in from the cold.. Poor kid, all he wanted at this point was hot chocolate.

Ben would have stayed out all night, he's my outside guy. Ben would garden in the snow if he could.

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Pam said...

I love your towels!