Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More homework hell..

I really don't know if getting homework done is so hard in every household, or if it is just mine.

My youngest son, Ben, is really very good about getting homework done. As I've said before, Ben is very wolverine like. If something needs to be done, no matter how distasteful, he does it, with a minimum of fuss. Ben may growl about it (and frequently does) but ultimately, it is work and Ben is a worker. He feels the power and joy of a job well done, he would just rather the job is outside, say in the yard, or garden, then inside doing carry over math or writing exercises.

Sam is another matter.. Sam has the typical Asperger's idea and philosophy of homework.. "What's the point?"

It just repeats what has been gone over in class (math) or is vague (reading/writing classes) and frankly homework, is school work, and school work belongs at school. Clear defined territory here folks!

I am evil. I am unyielding, I am demanding, I am Sam's personal homework Nazi. I actually expect him to do the work! Someone shoot me now! Someone remove this horrible affliction from my eldest child! What, figure out my own prime numbers? Write my own answers? Read my own book and record my journal.. you want me to read the book so that I can answer questions about the text. And you're going to read the book I'm reading so that I cannot fake the reading?
What kind of horrible monster are you?!?!

To be fair, I need to define a lot of assignments for Sam. The assignments are not always clear to an Aspie. Case in point, this week Sam has to write a paper on a subject beginning with the letter "H". This is all of the information he has to go on. Oh, except that it needs to be a page long, and it is due Friday, and that he needs to bring the first draft with the last draft to class.

To a person with Asperger's this is a Hell assignment. (I wished he'd have chosen "Hell", that would have been fun) Without clear definitions of what the paper is to be, there is no clear direction to go. I spend my time prompting. What does the house look like? How do you feel when you come into it? What colors are there inside?

You're not going to get a philosophical, lyrical paper about the comforts and joys of home. You will get a description of each room and where the video games are kept. Oh, and he will try to say as little as possible to make up that page. Why can't someone type up questions to ask about the subject and have the student fill it out in class? What do kids with Asperger's do when they do not have parents like me who are going to graduate all grade levels again, because there is not one ounce of work that doesn't have some prompting, if not all out assistance from said parents?

Honestly.. is it supposed to be this difficult?

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Pam said...

What kind of an assignment is write a paper with a subject that starts with the letter "H"??